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The Power of Topic Pages

The purpose of marketing is to get your product noticed by potential customers. An effective way to do this on the Internet is to create topic pages. The power of topic pages is that they enable you to pinpoint areas of special or immediate interest to your customers or prospects. For example, you might create a topic page for a new product that is creating interest in the marketplace or for a new service you want to introduce. The strategy is that a potential customer who may not be familiar with your website, will find you through a topic page, which is linked to your site. Topic pages are powerful tools that provide you with the flexibility to draw more prospects to your site by anticipating their specialized needs.

Most topic pages will be created for a product or service. But topic pages can also be created for broader subject areas as well. For example, if you are selling bicycles, you may want to build a topic page on “Bicycle Safety” or “Local Bike Routes” which could be a good way for you to attract new prospects for your products.

Building Traffic for Topic Pages

Once you create a topic page, you will want to make sure that as many prospects as possible come to visit. There are two ways to achieve that:

In most cases, SoftCast Marketing recommends using a combination of both techniques to achieve the best overall results and the highest ROI for your marketing campaign.

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