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Pay-Per-Click Advertising


With Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) you can purchase favorable position on the search engine results for specific keyword searches that you choose. You pay for results only when a prospect clicks to visit your site. Hence the name: Pay Per Click Advertising. The two major sellers of PPC are Google and Yahoo.

Does PPC make sense for you?

It probably does. For most online advertisers the odds are much better using PPC than for simply optimizing their site for the search engines or by driving traffic to their site by advertising off the internet. The key point is that getting results with PPC requires specialized skill and experience. Remember, even if you are willing to pay the price per click set by the search engine, there are no guarantees. The search engine will send the prospect to your website but then it is up to you to make sure that the website is capable of converting a prospect to a customer. Remember too that PPC is driven by competition. The other guys bidding against you for the same terms are probably your competition. To do the best job at PPC you not only have to work on developing the best search terms, but you also have to analyze your competition, the value of your product or service and many other factors. You have to know how to write effective PPC ads to make sure your prospects respond and you need to build your website to make it easy for prospects to move to the next step in the sales cycle.

How much does PPC cost?

Many companies balk at paying a PPC consultant because they feel that if Google or Yahoo charges their corporate credit card per click, that this is all they should pay. Actually, the fee that you pay to manage and set up your PPC account is much more important than the cost of the clicks. Here's why. A good PPC manager will analyze your market and find ways to get prospects that may be more creative and involve different, less expensive search terms. We recently had one such client who is now getting leads for merchandise that costs over $1500 per unit for under $0.25 a click! Before we took on the account, the client didn't pay us a fee, but he did pay about $2.00 to reach the same customer. Because business models are so different, all of our pricing is cusomized to your company, product or service or market. The fee generally includes account set up, monthly management and intensive reporting. Our fees are never a surprise. We will present and explain all fees in advance and include all cost factors. Some of our customers get the results they want for a monthly fee of a few hundred dollars; others pay much more. All of our pricing is based on ROI models agreed upon in advance by our clients. With SoftCast Marketing, you never have to worry about runaway PPC charges.

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