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Softcast's Client List

Softcast Marketing has a very diverse client base. Our customers are big and small. Our research-based, complete-solution methods work for clients who are looking for new business leads to sell services or products. But whether we are selling products or services our focus is always on ROI (return on investment) to make sure that every dollar you spend is justified by results. Please visit our clients' websites and contact them to learn their opinion of our marketing services. - Telecomunicatins and Verizon Premiere Partner
- Wholesale Gifts - Home Music lessons
- Speakers Bureau - Reptuation Repair & Building
- Number 1 Place for Used Laptops in North America
- Network and IT Services
- Consolidation Lead Generation
- Hard Drive Crash Software
- the largest photo gifts company on the net
- Home Entertainment Systems
- Learn Hebrew with Sarah & David
- Florida Real Estate
- Investment Services
- Fishing Guide Lake Powell
- Telecommunication Experts
- Lake Powell Real Estate
- Mike Shapiro Softcast Partner
- Fundrasing Product
- Lake Placid Lodging - Camp Undercliff
- Plumbing, Heating and Supplies
- Ship Anode Services and Supplies
- Urology Equipment
- New York Lawfirm
- Specialize in OEM Distribution and Support Services
Islamic Law Expert
- Credit Card Debt Negotiation
- Debt Settlement
Rochester NY Law Firm -
- Mortgage Reductions Service
- Auto Detailing Supplies
- Debt Reduction
- Custom Fragrances

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