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Dealing with "Quality Index"

Let Softcast Marketing help you succeed despite the high costs from "Quality Index"

First, Google came up with Quality Score as a way to better monetize their search function. Where previously the cost of your keywords were based on supply and demand, Google changed the rules and established a minimum bid for search terms which is based on something called the "Quality Score" of keywords specific to your account. Pressed by competitive pressure, Yahoo launched a similar set of rules which they call "Quality Index."

You Can't Ignore Quality Index

One of our clients was doing very nicely with a campaign for which he was paying eleven cents per click. But when Yahoo installed its new Quality Index system, his minimum bid for his term shot up to $2 dollars!

Clearly, if you are using Yahoo Search Marketing or if you are thinking about using it, you need some immediate advice about how to adjust your campaign to actually get Quality Index to work for you.

But Yahoo doesn't tell you that if you don't understand how to adjust your account for their new systems your ad campaign could be headed for disaster. You could spend your monthly budget in one day, or be completely shut out for the search terms you need.

What Can You Do?

Get expert advice! It won't cost you anything and there is no obligation. Just pick up the telephone or fill out the form and ask us to explain. Quality Index can actually be a good thing for your ad campaigns-but only if you truly understand what is going on and what you must do to make Quality Index work for you.

If you are being slammed by either of these new algorithms, we may be able to suggest a workaround that will get you results that are cost-effective.

We would love to have you as a client so please call us. There is no cost or obligation to ask our advice about this important issue. Just fill out this simple form, call Toll Free 800 307 9150 or Email