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Why Pay Softcast Marketing, when you can use PPC yourself?

It’s not an unreasonable question. If you believe that paid search can help you get the new leads that you want you are going to have to pay Google, Yahoo or any other search engine that is going to place your ads. So why pay somebody else to spend your money?

There’s only one good answer to that question and the answer is: because it works!

The reason it works is because at Softcast Marketing, we do much more than just compile search terms, write ads and manage your PPC spending. We take a much more comprehensive approach which means that we plan your marketing approach, recommend budgets, make sure that your web pages and ads tell a coherent and compelling story, assure that your response mechanism is sound and most of all manage your account like it was our own.

Pay per click advertising is great for advertisers because the potential customers are actively looking for you. But there are many other variables and each of them can cost you dearly if you don’t know about them and manage their use.

Softcast Marketing sells Results – Not Hype!
Simple answers are appealing but they don’t exist on the Internet. There are thousands of companies offering to get you customers easily and at low cost. Don’t believe the hype. Getting customers is never easy regardless of your methods. Search engine indexes rely on robots, but your marketing efforts deserve the human touch of qualified experts, analysts and strategists. We use technology to organize your campaign and measure the return on your dollar, but first of all, our job is to get you leads at a reasonable price.

Our approach is to succeed by using a combination of targeted Topic Pages, Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Algorithmic Marketing and traditional marketing and sales techniques. Our strength is the experienced, quality, commitment and dedication of our people

Softcast Marketing is a team of experienced Marketing/Internet/Sales Professionals who use an integrated approach to customize search engine marketing solutions for clients in a wide range of businesses and industries. While our solutions depend on technology our bottom line is always marketing results.


Business Development

Carl Sgro is a business development professional with over 20 years experience helping technology and Internet based companies grow their business to enterprise customers and through distribution networks. In recent years he has concentrated in the area of the Internet and search engine marketing. His successes in this area include taking several companies from startup to national and even International contenders. Most recently, he was responsible for taking Name Engine, Inc. from a six-month startup through a multimillion-dollar acquisition by VeriSign Inc. (VRSN) in an 18 month time frame.

Carl is currently a specialist in developing SEM solutions for clients in healthcare, retail, real estate and related industries. He has an expert’s knowledge of the technology and the design and implementation of Search Engine Marketing.

Marketing/Content Development

Mike Shapiro is a marketing strategist and copywriter with over 20 years experience creating marketing programs for corporations such as Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, IBM, and BlackRock Financial Management. He is the author of Smart Investing Using Your Home Computer (Macmillan, NY). He is currently adjunct professor of writing and business writing at York College (CUNY) and Long Island University.

Web Design & Optimization

Jason Brightman leads the design team on all aspects of design optimization. Jason has been designing web sites since the early days of internet marketing for a cross section of businesses, including HBO, Verisign, Guitar World Magazine, National Debt Referral Service and many others.

You can’t afford not to know about search engine marketing

If you want your website to generate more business, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the potential of SEM. For more information or to arrange to receive a FREE traffic analysis for your website, please call (800) 307-9150 or fill out this simple form: