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Algorithmic Marketing - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The search engines have algorithms (mathematical rules) that they use to determine how various websites rank against each other. These rankings depend on measuring the “relevancy” of each web site based on certain variables.

Search Engine Algorithms

The precise algorithms used by the search engines are proprietary. But even though they are trade secrets, these algorithms are very important because they determine the search engine rankings of millions of web sites. The methodology that a website can use to anticipate and conform to the requirements of the search engines is called Algorithmic Marketing. You can think of Algorithmic Marketing as a method that can be used to communicate with a search engine in a way that optimizes your ranking.

Communicating with Search Engines via Algorithmic Marketing

Chances are, when you created your website, you wanted to communicate directly with your customers. But search engines and people do not read in the same way.

Algorithmic marketing is a way of adjusting a website by changing text and graphics so that it will still be meaningful to human readers and will also score well with the robotic spiders used by search engines.

When you use algorithmic marketing, the improved rankings that result are often referred to as “organic.” This simply means the improved ranking came from changes that were made to the website and not as a result of paying fees to the search engine to receive preferred placement.

Algorithmic Marketing and Pay Per Click (PPC) together

In practice, however, it often makes sense to use algorithmic marketing as well as pay per click advertising. While algorithmic marketing is important and should be your first action to optimize your site, it can take a while to begin working and has to be adjusted whenever the search engines modify their algorithm. If you use "Pay Per Click" to advertise your web site on a search engine, the results will be realized immediately.

Topic Pages and Algorithmic Marketing

"Topic Pages" can be used effectively to leverage the impact of algorithmic marketing. Topic pages can be created at any time to focus you web site on key market areas or special terms. Topic pages can then be optimized with algorithmic techniques to add additional ranking power. For best results, SoftCast Marketing usually recommends a careful blend of algorithmic marketing and PPC.

Learn how Algorithmic Marketing, Topic Pages and PPC can get you leads

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