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"We've been working with Softcast for more than 2 years... not suprised this book is a winner."
AJ Fusco
Freedom Mortgage
“If you are a business person who is not an Internet marketing expert, this is the pay per click book for you.
Robert Ponte
The Hudson Group
“The book only took me two hours read but the great thing is that after two hours I really understand what I needed to do to get better results on the Internet.”
Ken Frazza
If you are looking to go into an Internet business, this is the place to start.”
Jordan Glogau
SEO Consultant
“I read this book before I had my web designer complete his work. If I didn’t it would have cost me thousands making the common sense adjustments that nobody told me about. “
Peter Lardieri
Camp Undercliff
“I spent my entire monthly budget in one day and then my accountant told me to read this book. I read the book, increased my search terms from 30 to 1200 and now I’m getting leads every week at a price that I can afford.”
Audio Excellence

Pay Per Click Advertising

Internet Marketing: The Opportunity You Can’t Afford to Miss

Are you using the Internet to build your business? If not, you are missing out on a big opportunity.

Just a decade ago the Internet was a novelty, but today there are over 900 million Internet users and they are spending money. Last year customers spent over $3.8 trillion in e-commerce! And this does not even include the billions that are being earned by businesses who are not transacting business directly online, but who are using the Internet to find new customers.

Because of the sheer magnitude of these numbers, Internet marketing results can be fast and dramatic. Instead of cold calling one prospect at a time, imagine being able to reach thousands of new customers instantaneously, in the time it takes to click your mouse. It is no wonder that so many businesses are riding this new technology to undreamed of riches.

So what’s holding you back?
You can’t afford to ignore the Internet! If the Internet is not part of your marketing plan you need to take immediate action. The Internet is not a fad and is not going away. To build your business and prosper in the years to come you have no choice but to make the Internet part of your marketing plan.

Why aren’t you getting new customers from the Internet?
There are many possible reasons. Everybody knows that the Internet offers great potential but implementation is not so clear. What is clear is that most Internet leads come via a search engine. But which ones? Should you pay to optimize your site or depend on paid search? Should you hire an expert or try to do it yourself? There is plenty of advice on these topics and there is also no end to the number of companies offering you a simple solution: Pay a fee and thousands of new customers will show up at your website hungry to buy. You know in your heart that these are hollow promises, but you also know that fortunes are being made on the Internet. Where should you turn to begin taking advantage of the great promise of Internet marketing?

What You Need: Expert Advice based on Experience
There is no shortage of information about Internet marketing. In fact there is too much information – some call it information overload. But you don’t need volumes of information. You need experienced, expert advice on how to apply that information to get the results you want—more customers, more sales and bigger profits. And you need that information to be presented so that you can use it to get results.

In a dynamic and technical area like Internet marketing, good advice comes only from experience. You need sound advice, from people who not only understand the technology but who have actually used it to get measurable results. You need this advice to be powerful enough to get cost-effective results, but concise enough for you to understand quickly. You need the information to encompass the entire scope of Internet marketing but focused enough so that you can use to get the results you want.

Introducing our New Book
Ever since SoftCast Marketing figured out the process to drive website traffic cost-effectively, we have been trying to find a better way to share this information. A few of our clients suggested that we "write a book" ­ and that¹s what we did. But it isn't the kind of book you get at the bookstore. Our book is extremely focused and contains only the information you need to get started marketing on the Internet. We have taken pains not only to provide you with all the essential facts and advice, but also to make sure that all information is presently clearly and concisely.

This book has the Internet information you need
That’s exactly the kind of clearly presented, proven advice that you will find in this valuable book. Written by industry experts and based on proven success stories, reading this book is the equivalent of having an Internet marketing expert spend a few hours with you giving you guidance and answering your questions.

What you will learn:
• Search Engine Optimization vs. Paid Search, which is better for you?
• Which search engines to use in your campaign
• Components of an effective ad campaign
• How to write ads that get results
• Creating landing/topic/doorway pages that convert
• How to develop the best keywords,
• How create and implement ad campaigns
• Writing copy that works
• Creating forms that get customers
• Managing your advertising campaigns / Google, Yahoo and MSN
• The secret of making sure that you don’t overpay for clicks
• Sure-fire tips for managing your day-to-day advertising costs
• Managing advertising costs to assure high ROI
• Converting leads to customers
And much, much more…

This book answers your most important questions
If you want to advertise successfully on the Internet, here are questions that you are asking yourself:

• Can these methods work for me?
• How much will it cost?
• What do I have to do to get started?
• Can I do it myself?

This concise, focused, little book provides these answers in simple, non-technical language. The book explains the landscape and the landmines that await any business that wants to grow sales online. It does so by doing what virtually no other book in this industry ever does: it separates the “nice to know” information from the “need to know” essentials. We are so convinced that this book is worth many times the selling price that we are making this offer: If you read the book and are not satisfied, we will refund your money! No questions asked.

Results are guaranteed!
Hundreds of companies just like yours have already benefited from this expert advice. If you want to use the Internet to build your sales and profits, you should buy this book right now.

You have nothing to lose!
If it doesn’t do what we promise, send it back for a full refund.

"Per Click" Advertising the tell all book is downloadable for only $49.00. If you would like we will send a hard copy with a PDF version on CD and a downloadable version all for just $79.00.

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